“I firmly believe you find who and what you need when you’re ready.  I had the pleasure of working with Betty through the Fall of 2013.  I was at a crossroads in my life and had spent several years working on personal issues.  I felt stuck and was struggling with what to do next.  I knew I wanted to reach certain goals in my personal and professional life, but I was struggling with making definitive plans and how to put my plans into motion.  From my first session with Betty I felt at ease, she was easy to talk to and nonjudgmental.   Betty helped me realize the limitations I was putting on myself.   Through several sessions she helped me pinpoint the path that I wanted to take.  She made me think about things I’d never thought to think about.  Within days of completing my journey with Betty, my life was transforming – I knew where I wanted to go, and I knew each of the steps to get there.   A few months have passed since we last talked, I’m thrilled to report that I’ve actualized several big ticket goals.  I can clearly see my own potential.  Thank you Betty, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.  It has truly changed my life.”  H.T.

“When I decided to do Life Coaching, I went through dozens of biographies. Betty’s certainly stood out and I had a great “gut feeling” about her. It talked about finding life balance and being in tune with oneself (which I needed, as I couldn’t see the light from where I was standing personal and work wise), while other coaches heavily concentrated on work and career planning. From the beginning I was willing to go all the way and, to my surprise, within 3 meetings with Betty and her intuitive guidance, I had moved past my issues and was all excited about the plans I was able to conjure for the near future. I am still amazed by the whole process. We might have all the information and answers within us, but to actually say it out loud and go in depth to the root of the issue with Betty’s insightful questions and comments, really made clear the path I was to follow and the decisions I had to make. I hope to keep in touch with Betty as I move to the next chapter in my life (which she helped map), and truly recommend her coaching services to anyone who believes there is more to life than just work.” E.H.

“When I met Betty, I was at a true crossroads. I could perhaps even have been the poster child for midlife transition! I was recently divorced, had just turned 50, and wasn’t sure what my next step in life would be. Betty helped me look beyond the present chaos in my life and instead look forward to the possibilities of a new life. She helped me let go of some of the negatives of the past and realize that there is a whole new future I can create. The biggest “take-away” for me was visualizing a future self who is the person I would like to become. She—my “future self”– has become my bellwether, keeping me focused on who I can be.” C.N.

“Before going into the coaching sessions with you, I was completely lost and stuck. It almost seemed like there was no journey happening at all. With your unique coaching methods and ability to read me really helped me express how I was feeling and what was going on in my life and what I can do to change it. We put together an action plan and a timeline, and I was able to end the old journey for good and begin a new one. At first I was very unsure and a little scared. But I kept thinking back to our sessions and it helped me to remember that I am on a new life adventure, and it doesn’t go anywhere without me stepping out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much Betty and I would highly recommend your service to anyone.” P.E.

“I have worked with Betty as my life and career coach through UBC Coaching Services and it has been a wonderful experience. Betty has been very helpful in my journey to discover my true goals and be true to my values. She has shown me how to prioritize better, make a plan and good choices for next steps, commit and follow through. She has given me more confidence to believe in my dreams, and started developing with me my own unique tools to move towards making those dreams come true. Each meeting with her left me feeling empowered and with a little bit of more control about where my life can and will go. And above all, her warm and caring personality simply makes spending time with her lots of fun.” B @ UBC

“It’s been a pleasure having Betty as my life coach. Through her guidance, I was able to achieve my goals personally and professionally. I have become more aware of who I am and found a path to move forward in my life. She is a keen listener, an exceptional communicator and a visionary. Her coaching methods are client specific – always thinks from the client’s perspective, while keeping the big picture in mind. She motivated me to embrace challenges and achieve goals that I never thought I could reach.” R.C., UBC

“Betty’s guidance and encouragements had helped me understand where I stand in my life currently and what I needed to do to have a more rewarding life. Since we’ve met, I became more financially-aware, got in touch with the child within, started and finished personal projects, saw improvements in my relationships with others, and most importantly, understood Me. Sometimes, all one needs is a little push to get the ball rolling. The ball is now rolling faster than ever thanks to Betty.” L.L., UBC